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Our Story

     In the early days, our journey in the world of trucking began with a single vision and the owner behind the wheel of just one truck. Rooted in a passion for the industry and a commitment to providing unparalleled service, our founder navigated the roads with precision and dedication. Over the span of a few years, our relentless pursuit of excellence has propelled us from the driver's seat of that initial truck to overseeing a fleet of over 50. Each addition to our fleet is a testament to the trust our clients place in our services and the expertise that underpins our operations.

As a family intimately involved in the trucking industry, we experienced firsthand the repercussions of breakdowns occurring in the dead of night. It wasn't merely a mechanical issue; it was a significant financial setback for our family. The inability to find swift and efficient repair services translated to not only the loss of valuable time but also the unfortunate forfeiture of loads and subsequent income. 

     The crash in the oilfield industry had a profound ripple effect, echoing across various sectors, including our trucking company. As demand dwindled and economic uncertainties loomed, we found ourselves navigating uncharted waters. The downturn translated to reduced hauling opportunities, shrinking profit margins, and, regrettably, the eventual closure of our trucking company.

     In the face of adversity, we saw not just an end but an opportunity for a new beginning. The closure of our trucking company was not the conclusion of our journey but a turning point that fueled the inception of a new vision. 


     Motivated by this poignant reality, we recognized a gap in the industry that needed to be addressed. The seed for our commitment to 24/7 truck repair services was planted in those late-night hours when conventional repair options were scarce, and the economic impact on our family was profound.

     Our venture into around-the-clock repair services is, at its core, an extension of the lessons learned during those challenging times. We understand that a breakdown doesn't adhere to a schedule, and the financial consequences can be severe. This insight has driven us to ensure that our services are available when our clients need them the most, safeguarding their loads, schedules, and financial well-being.

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